23 Months Old!

23 Months Old

Well, we took the picture this morning, so really it’s 23 months plus one day. But you didn’t want us to wake her up last night just for a picture, did you? I didn’t think so.

Recent developments:

  • Singing along. Until recently, she’d sing on her own, and enjoyed being sung to. Now, she’ll join in (with others or a recording), and will keep on singing if you join in on her song.
  • Stairs. She’s getting more independent going up and down stairs. At George and Marilyn’s, she was up and down the patio stairs, hands-free. At home, we’re noticing that she can do one foot per step, at least on the way up.
  • Phone conversations. She’ll actually interact with people on the phone now (sometimes, anyway). It’s still mostly answering questions, but she’ll do more than “yah” and “no.”

And adventures:

  • Over the weekend of the 14th-15th, we went out to Minneapolis for Emily’s graduation party and general family visiting. She did great with everybody and with the travel!
  • This past weekend we went down to my folks’ to go to the beach, etc. She had a grand time mucking around in the sand, and even stood in the water a bit (it’s still pretty cold). She also enjoyed the inflatable pool on the deck.

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