In the gym at day care last week:

Other tidbits:

  • Last Friday was the last day of the regular academic year at day care. Hila, one of Etta’s teachers, is taking the summer off, and when she was giving hugs to say goodbye, Etta piped up, “I love you!” Not a dry eye in the house!
  • “More Maggie and Sophie!” Etta has a new cousin (something slightly removed, I can never remember how those work), and we got a batch of pictures and a movie today. She was really excited to see both the new baby and her big sister.
  • Pinkeye. Bah. After having to be out of day care most of Monday and all day today for some (ahem) digestive issues, she’s going to be out again tomorrow, because she woke up with a clear case of pinkeye. Eyedrops! Yay! Happily, Grandma Kathi and Grandpa Jim are coming to the rescue for most of tomorrow.

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