24 Months….er…..2 Years Old!

24 Months...er.....2 years old!

It’s true, she’s two! More pictures from the day (and I’ll add them as the celebration continues) are on Flickr.


  • Molly and Kyle gave her a doll stroller. We made the mistake of having her unwrap it first; before opening each subsequent present, she had to push the stroller around a bit.
  • Walking to the car after day care, she spontaneously piped up, “I’m a big girl!”
  • Auntie Jayne and Uncle Joe sent a musical card that plays “I’m So Excited!” by the Pointer Sisters. Etta is entranced. “I need more singing card!”
  • At breakfast, she ate most of her banana “cake” by bending over and taking bites off it while it sat on the plate. She thought it was hilarious. (I’m sure we’ll regret it soon enough….)

A conversation at day care:

(We’re getting ready to leave at the end of the day.)

Mom: Etta, where did you leave your shoes?

Etta: I don’t remember that!

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  1. Kathleen Says:

    Happy Birthday, Miss Rota! We can’t believe you’re two, but we do know that baby strollers are the best. xoxo, Kathleen, Nick & Isobel

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