Belated Arvie Post

Better late than never, a quick summary of our trip!

Day 1, Friday: Arlington to Richmond. We pile into Arvie and depart at 7 am, spending some 14 hours en route. Ukelele is played. A shrug is knitted. Donuts are eaten. Kyle’s birthday is celebrated.
On the road

Day 2, Saturday: Wedding in Richmond. No Arvie travel today, though we contemplate the relative sizes of the hotel and wedding shuttles to our transport.
Etta and Kyle dancing

Day 3, Sunday: Richmond to Shawnee, by way of Monticello. Molly and Kyle have taken a side trip with Joyce ‘n’ Eddie to take a Segway tour of Washington, DC. Janet joins the Arvie crew for the day. We learn that Route 81 is far superior to the 95 corridor when your vehicle is 29′ long. Grandpa teaches Etta to sort playing cards. “What’s this one?” “Clubbies!”
Monticello, with hats

Day 4, Monday: Shawnee. We relax. Arvie and all the cousins go to Odd Lot and Dairy Queen. Laura and Cooper look on in amusement. Grandpa takes Etta to the putting green; she decides that the little flags are microphones and sings her heart out. We hope the other golfers don’t report us.
Hanging out at Shawnee

Day 5, Tuesday: Shawnee. We golf (Ben, Annie, and Kyle on the big course, others, including Etta, go mini). A birthday party is thrown for Etta, and she is surrounded by Aunties (and Unclies and Cousinies) as she opens presents. Her new doll from Jayne is immediately named Maggie.
Janet's textbook follow-through

Day 6, Wednesday: Shawnee to Arlington. We conclude that next year we need to stay the whole week. We depart at 7 am again for the final Arvie adventure, straight up 84.

The full set of photos!

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  1. Kathi Says:

    Well-summarized – and you never mentioned Jersey barriers…


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