First day of school

There’s much to report from Grandma Marg’s visit, but the first day in the Green Door Room this morning brought a great Etta moment. Many of the parents were hanging out longer than usual, helping the kids ease in to the new space, us included. After we’d put things away, put on sunscreen, and gotten the other logistical stuff out of the way, Etta got herself a baby doll, a bottle, and a (plastic) croissant and was busy taking care of the doll. After a little while she turned to me and said, “You go to work. I’m staying here.” Well! We took her at her word, got quick hugs all around, and made our exit. She cried for a couple of minutes when we actually departed, but one of the other parents reported that she recovered very quickly.

And in the theme of taking care of babies, Etta loves her new doll bed and especially the quilt that Grandma Marg made during her visit! (More detailed photos soon.)
"I put my two babies to bed"

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