‘Tis the season!

The mad dash to Christmas has begun! In miniature:

Learning more rules

The Game

Helping Grandma stuff the turkey


Checking the count

Ben's birthday

Cutting cookies

Making cookies

Recent conversations:

Riding in the car on the first snowy day: “Can you imagine if the snow was blue?”

Later that same ride, listening to “Where have all the flowers gone?”: “Mommy, what’s a soldier?”

(A discussion of soldiers, fighting, and war ensues. Mommy finds herself wishing Daddy was in the car with his philosophical background on just war.)

And that same day, at Blue Ribbon Barbecue:

Etta, pointing to a bust of Elvis: “Who’s that?”

Mommy: “That’s Elvis. He was a singer.”

Etta: “Is he dead?”

Mommy: “Yes, he died.”

Etta: “Why did he die? Was he really old?”

(After the morning’s conversation about war, Mommy isn’t up for this one.)

Daddy: “Well, he got sick from taking too much medicine, and he died.”

(Etta seems satisfied with this answer for now. We’ll see when this resurfaces in conversation.)

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  1. Grandma Kathi Says:

    Wait, you left out the MANY readings of the Night Before Christmas —- who brought the Scratch ‘n Sniff Edition?????? Then I had to explain, in detail, what is a sash and just what is a clatter???

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