Two months old (almost)

Charlotte at 8 weeks old:

8 weeks old

From Charlotte’s 2-month checkup:

  • 11 lb 3 oz (63rd percentile)
  • 23 inches long (77th percentile)
  • 42 cm head circumference (98th percentile)

Once again, she’s a bit bigger in all dimensions than Henrietta was at the same age. Big baby!
Charlotte is also:

  • done with the “newborn” sling for her bathtub;
  • done with her bassinet, and sleeping in the small crib (still in our room);
  • smiling in response to people, especially her big sister:
  • Smiling at her big sister

Henrietta is doing a great job with letters, can usually recognize her name, and can often sound out short words (e.g. dog) when she sees them.

Showing off her outfit

A few recent quotes:

  • “You are my mommy and there’s nobody else who is my mommy.” (A recurring statement, used for both Mom and Dad.)
  • “You know who I love?” “Who?” “You!”
  • At bedtime: “When I wake up, will it be tomorrow?” Next morning: “Is it tomorrow?”

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