Today’s word is……Roseola!

Roseola rashHenrietta had kind of a lousy week! On Monday afternoon, we had to pick her up early from day care because she was running a fever. The fever kept up through Wednesday afternoon/evening, so I stayed home with her. (Ben was off to LA for work.)

On Thursday, Grandma and Grandpa Lengel came to the rescue so I could go to work for part of the day. Thursday evening, out popped this lovely red rash! Didn’t seem to bother her, and the fever stayed gone.

Friday morning, we paid the pediatrician a visit, and learned about Roseola! In short, it starts with a few days of fever (check), and then shortly after the fever breaks, the rash (check). She’s no longer contagious now that the fever is over, so she finally got to go back to day care Friday.

Whew — what a week!

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