Day 4: Mount Rushmore, here we come

Day 2: Mitchell to Piedmont

After an evening visit to the Corn Palace, and dinner at The Brig Steakhouse & Lounge, we left Wednesday morning to drive from Mitchell to Piedmont and the Elk Creek Resort for the reunion. We stopped in the Badlands along the way for a little hiking and sightseeing, and had our first prairie dog sightings on the way out of the Badlands.

Day 3: Deadwood and Spearfish Canyon

My birthday! We drove up to Deadwood for lunch, sightseeing, and a little gambling, and took the scenic route home through Spearfish Canyon. Great views of the Black Hills!

Day 4: Mount Rushmore

Once Henrietta wakes up from her morning nap, we’re heading down to Mount Rushmore to visit the Presidents. We promise not to re-enact any scenes from North by Northwest….

There are lots of pictures just waiting to be posted, but the connection is just too slow to upload them from here. Oh well.

Update, Saturday, 12:09am: Using the wi-fi at Borders (waiting for the Harry Potter book), I’ve posted pictures.

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