12 Months Old!

Happy Birthday, Henrietta!

Let’s see, what else have we been doing?

Day 4, Continued: We visited Mount Rushmore, and generally had a relaxing day of it.

Day 5: Lunch at the Firehouse Brewing Company in Rapid City, then a little shopping nearby. In the afternoon, some folks went to a lake, and others of us went back to the cabins to rest and relax (and read Harry Potter). There was a little excitement in the afternoon and evening, as a fire had sprung up to the south and west of us. A massive rain and thunderstorm seemed to have taken care of that fire, but a lightning strike started another one nearby. It got extinguished too, but not before it filled out little valley with smoke.

Day 6: Henrietta’s first birthday! And we celebrated by…..getting in the car and driving back to Minneapolis. Oh well. Henrietta did great, and our long day was followed by….

Day 7: Hanging out at George & Marilyn’s. Parson’s Pancakes for breakfast (with a candle for Henrietta), Schneider’s Brats for lunch, and a day of much-needed relaxing around the house. Some are reading, walking, napping, and shopping. Matt and Beth were off to the airport after lunch; we depart tomorrow afternoon.

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