On Being One

At one year old, Henrietta:

  • Has 9 teeth.
  • Crawls like a champ.
  • Likes to climb up stairs (but hasn’t yet figured out how to get down).
  • Says something that sounds like “Basil” (Dazo?), and something that might be Dada.
  • Pulls up and cruises around on furniture.
  • Eats most anything we offer, with the exception of cottage cheese.
  • Likes to walk around holding onto someone’s hands.
  • Goes “aaah” and covers and uncovers her mouth to interrupt the sound (“aah-baaah-baaah-baaah”).
  • Blows raspberries.
  • Still has her big red hemangioma on her left shoulder.
  • Drinks from a sippy cup very independently.
  • …and plenty of other fun facts that we’ll add as we think of them. 🙂

And a random note from our vacation: I realized today that from Wednesday through Sunday, I had a Buffalo burger and fries for lunch every single day.

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