13 Months Old!


At 13 months, she:

  • has 10 teeth.
  • has a pretty good head of hair.
  • is so close to walking it’s funny. Especially when she’s on her feet between Mom and Dad and plops down to crawl, giggling as though she just knows we’re hoping she’ll take those steps.
  • is starting to appreciate whole cow’s milk in a sippy cup.
  • has developed a taste for pears and plums.
  • knows where her toes are.
  • knows where her shoes go (tries to put ’em on her feet).
  • is starting to say “ma-ma-ma-ma” and look at Mom at the same time.
  • has figured out how to play kazoo (movie): Kazoo
  • is starting her new day care in less than 2 weeks!

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