Waterloo Visit

Reading with Grandpa
This past weekend we visited Grandma Marg and Grandpa Dave in Waterloo. Adventures included:

  • Visiting Grandma at school, and meeting lots of her school friends.
  • Going to the zoo! The ostriches were particularly exciting, though they ended up as “Ashas” (Asha is one of Etta’s friends at day care). Sorry Asha!
  • Turning the car seat around to front-facing for the first time, in Grandpa’s “bus” (minivan).
  • Playing with Andrew, the 16-month-old nephew of one of Ben’s friends from high school.
  • Going to church — at the end of every hymn, Etta signed and said “more more more.”
  • Watching the Red Sox win the World Series!
  • Good flights — Etta slept for a good chunk of both.
  • Eating at:
    • Gallagher’s in Waterloo
    • Chris’ Pancake & Dining
    • Ted Drewe’s

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