‘Tis the season

The holiday parties have begun, and here’s what we’re wearing:
Matchy matchy!

Other tidbits:

  • Pretending to read. Etta will now pick up a book, piece of paper, whatever, with writing on it, and run her finger along the text while babbling. For things with large letters (labels, etc.), she’ll point to the letters and make letter sounds, which for some reason are always vowels (“E, O, I, E”).
  • Snowman. At Target a couple of weeks ago, Molly taught Henrietta about snowmen. She spots them everywhere now, with the accent on the “man”: snowMAN! snowMAN! A house along our commute has a 7-foot real snowman in their front yard right now — thank you, whoever you are!
  • Haircut. Yup, the mullet got to be too much, so the other night we sat her down in front of the TV on a towel and trimmed a little off the back. The TV distraction trick didn’t work so well — next time, we should plan ahead and have something really good on TiVo, maybe from Animal Planet or something.

I’ll do my best to post more during the holidays — there will certainly be plenty of cute pictures to share!

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