18 Months Old!

18 Months Old!

At 18 months old, she’s:

  • 22 lbs, 5 oz
  • 34″ tall (although she was really squirmy….)
  • 49cm around the head

We went up to Burke Mountain over the long weekend to ski and relax. It was absurdly cold, but we had a good time! Henrietta had fun playing with Cabot, and played outside with Grandpa. Couldn’t quite get her on the plastic skis, but she’s not afraid of them, either.

Among her recent accomplishments (or fun tricks):

  • Singing the entire alphabet song (her version, but the right number of syllables!)
  • Spinning around while dancing (to the point of dizziness once!)
  • Requesting songs (including a medley of Yale fight songs, though not THE medley)
  • Requesting books by code name, like:
    • A-choo (The Mitten)
    • Donkey (a Christmas book)
    • Bay (Down by the Bay)
    • Sushi (Baby’s First Book of Sushi)
    • Oat-dee Doat-dee (Humpty Dumpty, the first rhyme in the Mother Goose board book)
    • Ma-ma Moo (Goodnight Moon)
  • Walking backwards (turns out that’s a large-motor milestone, but we weren’t sure she was doing it until after her checkup)
  • Requesting food (sometimes good, like yogurt or oranges; sometimes not so good, like cookies, or biscuits we ran out of)

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