Adventures in NOLA

 We’re in New Orleans for the long weekend and to celebrate Marg’s 60th birthday. We’re all staying at Matt and Beth’s new place, and having a great time! Lots of good Etta stories:

  • We’re flying through DC (JetBlue starts direct flights from BOS to MSY in May, or so we hear). When we got onto the second plane and got to our seats, Etta said “No more airplane!” (The second flight was not exactly pleasant.)
  • Also on that flight, we had gotten her some fresh pretzels in the airport. I gave her one, and she said (unprompted), “Thank you Mommy!”
  • She’s figured out that Ben and I have names besides Daddy and Mommy. She had one of my knitting magazines, and said “Mommy’s book…..Annie’s book” a couple of times.
  • When we got home from the zoo today, all three cats were taking advantage of the absence of toddler and were downstairs. Buddha was hiding under the dining room table, and Etta was trying to coax him out (with no luck). She went into the kitchen and came back with a single piece of cat food and offered it to him (too late, he had already run upstairs). Of course, since she got so much positive feedback from that, it’s been hard to get her to leave the cat food alone since….

Other things we’ve/she’s done:

  • Met her cousins, Isabella (4 1/2), Francesca and John (twins, 2 1/2), and Rachel and Kevin. The kids got along great and played for hours.
  • Lots and lots of singing, to everyone’s great enjoyment.
  • Went to the zoo, and saw everything from the usual (lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!) to the Louisiana swamp exhibit, with alligators, otters, nutria, pelicans, and even a white alligator (weird!).
  • Encountered her first Dixieland band in the airport. Slightly terrifying, but also very exciting (and danceworthy!).

Pictures soon!

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