“I need…”

I hope this isn’t a milestone we come to regret—this week, Etta started saying, “I need water,” and has extended that skill to other things. And hey, it’s a three word sentence!

Other fun stuff:

  • This morning, as we went in the door to the building at day care, she yelled out, “Yay! Friends!”
  • She knows her last name now, thanks to Taylor, and likes to repeat it over and over.
  • She clearly misses Molly, Kyle, and Cabot this week. Every time the phone rings, it’s “Mol-yey.” And (sorry Kyle) she keeps asking for Uncle Kyle. This morning on the bus (watching the snow come down), she said (spontaneously), “skiing.” We asked something like, “who’s skiing?” and she answered, “Mol-yey….Uncle Kyle.”

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