19 Months Old, and then some!

Well, this is from a while back now:
19 Months Old!

More recently, we had a Saint Patrick’s Day party, and went down to BYC for an Easter Egg Hunt: Meeting the Easter Bunny

Other fun stuff:

  • We sometimes get “please” and “thank you” now—mostly in the context of food, as in, “I need more pretzels please.”
  • Grandma Kathi and Grandpa Jim got Etta some toy pots and pans at Ikea, and we’ve had lots of pretend cooking in our kitchen. She seems to specialize in cookies and pancakes—I swear that’s not all she eats in real food.
  • At Grandma and Grandpa’s house, she went down the two steps from the kitchen without holding on to anything!
  • She’s starting to figure out counting. “How many boats do you have?” “One, two, free, fo’, fi’….” She usually goes up to eight regardless of how many things there are to count.
  • She’s starting to understand (and use) “different,” as in, “different pacifier” or “do you want more of that?” “No, different!”

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