Dinnertime anecdotes

This evening, we had dinner with Mom and Molly at Wagamama before our class. Etta was kinda cranky at the restaurant as we were waiting to order and get our food, to the point of Ben running out to 7-11 to get her a bag of crackers, since that’s ALL she wanted. But once our food started arriving and she was settled down with some edamame, she piped up, “Happy now!”

Ben, Etta, and Mom drove home (Mom’s car was at our house). Ben reports that shortly after Mom left, Etta said something along the lines of, “Grandma…..thank you supper.” (Clearly mimicking Ben thanking Mom for treating us to supper.)

And this morning at breakfast, she was having some pieces of banana, and wanted to make sure she got nice big chunks, so she said, “I need mo’ big bonana.”

Hee hee.

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