Dan Zanes!

Wave your hands in the air!
We took Etta to see Dan Zanes and friends at the Somerville Theater last night—what fun! At first she was a little uncertain (“That’s loud!”) but once she started recognizing the music, she got really into it. There was lots of dancing and singing and general merry-making. Her friend Will (or “Will-yum”) from day care was at the same show (though in a different part of the theater), so we got to visit with him and his family a bit too. She even got a t-shirt, so just like when we were in high school, she can go to school on Monday with her concert t-shirt! (Oh, and it was a “Pajama Party” concert, thus the stylin’ outfit.)

The other theme for this weekend is naked. She’s been having lots of fun running around and dancing in just a diaper, and doesn’t seem to mind that it’s a little chilly:
Naked and dancing (her choice!)

(That’ll be fun when she’s twelve….)

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