I am….

Funny language thing in the last week or so: Etta has started declaring “I am [whatever]” in a very matter-of-fact way. In particular, of course, “I am naked” is a popular one.

And a language milestone of sorts: she has now actually spoken on the phone (more than once, so it wasn’t a fluke!). She’s been babbling into phones (and “phones”) for a long time, but would clam up immediately when presented with a phone with someone’s actual voice on the other end. But last week she was home sick with Dad, and when I called to check in, he put on the phone and she actually said “Hi” (in a tiny little voice). With my Mom, she not only said “Hi,” she even answered a series of yes/no questions!

We had a great visit with the Comeaus and Cunning-lora-Faving-hams this weekend:

Benjamin, Toby, Caroline, & Etta

(Most impressive was getting all four of them on the couch at the same time, facing in roughly the same direction as the camera….)

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