Fun stuff

Wanted to remember these funny little things:

  • Last week, when offered something for dinner in which she had little interest, Etta said, clear as a bell, “I don’t want that.”
  • During my day care work time last week, she was doing a lot of pretend cooking, and “feeding” me the results. When I was doing something else, she decided to start feeding Orion — who started playing along, pretending to chew and enjoy. It was a really sweet moment!
  • Over the weekend, Etta was playing with my cell phone, and was apparently pretending to call Maxine. She wanted me to “talk” to her; I said something like, “What’s up, Maxine?” Etta picked it right up and started mimicking it on the phone — “What’s up, Maxine?”
  • We’ve been talking about Uncle Matt (and other relatives), and Maxine’s Dad is also named Matt. One day last week, she asked, “Where’s Matt?” We asked, “Do you mean Maxine’s Daddy Matt?” And she said, “Where’s Etta’s Matt?”
  • No problem! For whatever reason, this evening she started saying, “No problem!”

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