Dental misadventures, trip to NYC

Well, it’s been a busy couple of weeks, and not much time to post.

The Tooth:

The Thursday before Mothers’ Day, Etta got up in the morning and had a broken tooth! I saw there was something funny when I was changing her, and it turned out to be a big old crack right up the middle of one of her top front teeth. Yikes! So, we spent the better part of the day visiting dentists (ours, then a pediatric specialist who declared it needed to come out, and finally a consult with the oral surgeon). At 7:30 Friday morning, we were back at the oral surgeons, where I held her while she was put under general anesthesia and the tooth was pulled, and then by 8:30 we were back home and she was eating a big bowl of oatmeal with blueberries. We’re still not sure exactly how it got broken in the first place, but she has certainly recovered with flying colors! Her room at day care sent a balloon bouquet, and her face lit up when she got up from her nap on Friday to find the balloons in the living room.

NYC Trip:

For Mothers’ Day weekend, we went down to New York and stayed at the Yale Club. We also got to see Kathleen and Isobel — we met up in Madison Square Park, and the kids got to play while we went to the Shake Shack. What a treat!

Isobel, Kathleen, Annie, and Etta

Other fun stuff:

  • Etta’s names for my parents sound like “Grandpa Dim” and “Grandma Coffee.”
  • From just a few notes on the piano, she can identify a whole slew of familiar songs.
  • I made birthday cake for Dad, and made Etta her own little bundt cake in her Ikea pan. “What’s that, Etta?” “Bundt cake!”
  • Walking home from the bus one night this week, Etta gave me a big squeeze and said, “I love you.” Aaaaw.

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