Sticks, strings, and politics

So, my sister got me this Knitters for Obama bumper sticker. Cool! But since we hardly ever drive, it seemed silly to put it on the car. Ben’s idea: put it on my work bag, since I carry that every day. But how to get it to stay on there? Knitting, of course:

Knitters for Obama, embellished

Here’s what I did:

  1. Sandwiched the sticker between two layers of clear contact paper.
  2. Punched small (1/8”) holes about 1/4” apart all around.
  3. Blanket stitched through the holes to create a yarn edging.
  4. Picked up stitches along the blanket-stitched edge.
  5. Applied i-cord (3 stitches) around the edge.

And then safety-pinned to my bag:

Knitters for Obama on my bag

Red, white, and blue!

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